Set in the fictional coastal metropolitan city of Yellowcake, NY, Yellowcake is a long-spanning anthology in graphic novel form that explores the world as we see it, but in a more inclusive lens. Queer and POC focused, Yellowcake tells tales of murder most foul, the failures of the American justice system, and the difficulties of growing up with several power shifts in both the underground and public office. Yellowcake is intended to be an exploration of all the media tropes we ingest daily, from pulp noirs and horror to rom-coms and action, but in a way for POC and people who are LGBTQ+ to enjoy it without worrying about burying your gays or tokenization.

In the world of Yellowcake, follow the lives of its inhabitants throughout the years as they find love, create new generations, bring an end to several regimes of oppression and illegal activity, and most importantly, do it all while being our peek into a world where queer and POC positive media is just mainstream media.

Spearheaded by Lucia Bohld Cervantes as the writer, and with Caitlyn as the primary artist (and sometimes storyteller), Yellowcake will be a major project that allows them to see themselves represented in a form of media that is all-inclusive, as members of the LGBTQ+ community and as POC. We understand that not all lifestyles and views are the same, and we couldn’t possibly cover them all alone, and over time Yellowcake will include the help of the very people it is written about and for.

Please stay tuned for the first season of Yellowcake, and in the meantime, enjoy these behind-the-scenes looks at character creation and concepts!